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Web Monetization Quick Start

To get started with Web Monetization, you'll be taken through these three steps:

  1. Create an XRP wallet
  2. Get a "Payment Pointer" on Siren
  3. Add the Web Monetization script to your website.

Once you complete these steps, you'll be able to monetize your site traffic to receive live XRP.

Create an XRP Wallet

If you have an exchange account: Find your XRP deposit address. There will be an address that looks like rsKguPpyAZhpHqGyP8A3xu7Acsk3PF8zyx and a destination tag number that looks like 123456, for instance.

If you don't have an exchange account: You can use the Toast Wallet to create an XRP address. Follow their instructions until you've created a wallet. Make sure you back up your secret!

When you've created your wallet, you'll have an address that looks something like rsKguPpyAZhpHqGyP8A3xu7Acsk3PF8zyx. This is your XRP Address.

Get a Payment Pointer on Siren

Now that you have an XRP address, you can easily receive money through Siren. The identifier that you use to receive money with Interledger is called a Payment Pointer. It starts with a $, then a domain, and then an optional path. Your payment pointer will be based on Siren's domain, so you don't need to run anything yourself.

If you have an exchange account then your payment pointer is $

So if your XRP deposit address were rsKguPpyAZhpHqGyP8A3xu7Acsk3PF8zyx, and your destination tag were 123456, your payment pointer would be:


If you don't have an exchange account: Your payment pointer is: $

So if your XRP address were rsKguPpyAZhpHqGyP8A3xu7Acsk3PF8zyx, your payment pointer would be:


Add the Web Monetization Script to Your Website

Add the following tag to your site's body. Make sure to replace YOUR_PAYMENT_POINTER with your payment pointer.

  if (window.monetize) {
      receiver: 'YOUR_PAYMENT_POINTER'
      .then(() => {
        // You can insert code here to thank the user